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Music Editorial

Blackhall-and-Bookless-JPG.jpg Blackhall and Bookless

Say: “How’s tricks?” to Christopher Blackhall and Christopher Bookless, house music movers and groovers par excellence. 

Blackhall and Bookless. It’s got a ring to it, hasn’t it? No, not a ring: a vibe. And it’s a vibe that says: Let’s stick our deep and full-bodied house tunes on a rocketship that’s bound only for the stars. The pair, both from Whitley Bay, are responsible for one of the biggest club nights in the region, Jaunt (which also fills floors in London), and, since 2007, have brought some of the biggest names in house to Newcastle. Jaunt is now highly regarded in the industry with the team working with some of the most respected brands on the underground scene including the Hideout Festival, Channel Zoo, We Love and Circo Loco. And the pair, needless to say, are equally adept at producing their own tracks including a couple of real firecrackers this year, ‘Ya Head’ and ‘Loose It Jays House’, released on EPs with other artists, but also currently available to purchase separately via Beatport, iTunes and Track It Down. Our verdict: Book in to this B&B, pronto. 

Seek: facebook.com/BlackhallBookless