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Art Editorial

laingabstract17.jpg From representation to abstraction

The Laing Art Gallery has teamed up with The NewBridge Project to create an interdisciplinary exhibition inspired by the legacy of abstract art.

Echoes of Abstraction II and The Bottomless Pit of Outros may sound like the worst Harry Potter story ever (or the best Pink Floyd album ever), but it’s actually something of a sequel to the Laing’s superb, and very well received, Echoes of Abstraction. It charts the gradual shift from representation to abstraction, which, for me, is the most exciting period within the art world ever (yes, I’m really putting that statement out there). Works include paintings by Francis Bacon, David Bomberg (that’s his Study for Painting, pictured), Patrick Heron, Ben Nicholson, Prunella Clough, and many more. The exhibition will also bring together newly commissioned work by The Occasion Collective artists Jamie Cook, Adam Goodwin, James Pickering and Paul Trickett, as part of the Laing’s team-up with The NewBridge Project.

Echoes of Abstraction II and The Bottomless Pit of Outros, until 20 August, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle. laingartgallery.org.uk