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Music Editorial

jazzriot17.jpg Yep, this is definitely happening

If you’re ever looking for a shining example of how broad a church punk rock is, you could do worse than citing the line-up for this gig: three bands from three countries who sonically have very little in common, yet they all have a certain cut to their jib and an attitude that stems directly from 1976: punk rock’s year zero.

Heading the bill (on the first date of their UK tour) are Tasmania’s Dead Maggies, playing fast and furious folk/punk songs that tell stories about the grim history of their homeland. Political, raucous tunes you can dance or riot to, depending on your mood.

Next up are the Tyne Valley’s very own JaZZ RiOT (pictured), now a more muscular three-piece following the addition of Staggerin’ Jon Lee on lap-pedal steel. The RiOT describe themselves as being “a rhyming gobshite and a glorious noise,” and manage to pull off the trick of being very punk rock indeed, while not sounding like any other punk band you’ve ever heard in your life.

Finally, all the way from New Zealand, come the crushingly intense piano and drums duo The Murderchord. Imagine someone lobbing a drum-kit and a keyboard down a metal flight of stairs while some guttural fella screams about the mess over the top of it and you get the idea.

So there you have it: three very different bands from both sides of the world, playing together in a Gateshead venue that’s spent years building up a reputation as being the epicentre of all things punk rock in the north-east. If your idea of punk is some old bloke in a studded leather jacket yelling at a thousand miles an hour, get yourself along to this and change your mind forever.

Dead Maggies + JaZZ RiOT + The Murderchord, Friday 4 August, The Doll at the Black Bull, 2 Mulgrave Terrace, Gateshead, NE8 1PQ. £5 entry, 8pm. theblackbullvenue.co.uk