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nutrition17.jpg Earn cash for eating chocolate...

The Brain, Performance and Nutrition Research Centre, a research department within Northumbria University in Newcastle, focuses on investigating how the things we eat affect our brains. They specialise in conducting trials that look at how particular components of the diet, such as the plant compounds contained in berries or chocolate, fish oils or other novel ingredients, impact our memory and ability to concentrate, and also the way we feel. To do this, they need lots of people to volunteer to take part in these studies. Those volunteers are financially compensated for their time associated with participating in the studies e.g. for a typical three-day testing schedule, participants are given £100. The supplements they test have all undergone safety checks and all of their studies have to be given ethical approval by the Northumbria University Faculty of Health and Life Sciences Ethics Committee to go ahead. They are currently recruiting for a number of studies and need healthy adults of all ages (18-70) to take part. If you think this is the type of activity that you’d like to get involved with then visit the website, below.

Seek: nutrition-neuroscience.co.uk