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Stage Editorial

hollymcnish17.jpg Hollie would like a word

Spoken Word events have really taken off over the last few years and one of the women at the forefront of all this new found excitement is undoubtedly Hollie McNish who is playing the Gala Theatre in Durham this July.

Hollie McNish had the Gala Theatre in the palm of her hand last time she played there with readings from her book on motherhood Nobody Told Me (“Bright yellow sick in the sink every morning / bright yellow sick and I’m constantly yawning / like the gold at the end of the rainbow, you’re calling / and I’m sick and I’m crying as the birds call the dawn in”). Her latest collection, Plum, published in June, is a candid, sometimes funny, sometimes rude, account of her memories from childhood through to attempted adulthood; a book about growing up, about flesh, fruit and friendships. She is supported by Alix Alixandra. Socialist, feminist and generally pissed off, she arrows in on her subjects with the keenest of eyes.

Hollie McNish + Alix Alixandra, Saturday 22 July, Gala Theatre, Durham, 7.30pm, £12 (£10 conc.). galadurham.co.uk