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Art Editorial

mamu17.jpg A window into an alternate reality

Rea Browne’s ‘Mamu’s House of Fashioning’ at The Exchange in North Shields is an immersive sensory exhibition of sculpture and mixed media that is operating in strict, blow-your-socks-off territory.

There are some exhibitions that arrive so far out of the leftfield that they seem to exist in their own self-contained world and Mamu’s House of Fashioning is one such entity. Based upon the Sumerian legends of creation, and the gods of the Old Testament, it features thirty-one sculptures contained within eleven free standing illuminated glass modules, each containing 3 sculptures – a male and female torso and a bust – all mounted on their own bases. Although each sculpture depicts a different theme, all exhibits share a specific and unspoken substantive meaning, thereby providing clues and context for interpretation. The artist, Rea Browne, commented: “My intention with this exhibition is to present to the observer a window into an alternate reality, by taking a critical look at history, mythology and dogma of the present and representing these narratives by reinterpreting the accepted historical cultural norms, as a visual concept.” Be warned, however, this an exhibition that can not be contained for long and will only flower briefly for six days in June. Get to it.

Mamu’s House of Fashioning, Sunday 11-Friday 16 June, The Exchange, Howard Street, Newcastle, 10am-5pm. facebook.com/events/771930376288748