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declaration.jpg ADHD (and laughs...!)

Art with Heart’s Declaration takes a comic, and curious, look at the process of seeking a diagnosis for ADHD as an adult.

ADHD? Isn’t that just young boys going ballistic in Tesco’s while their mothers make “what can you do?” faces to other shoppers? That’s the cliché, but the reality may actually cast the mother as being the one who needs help. Declaration is based on comedian and storyteller Sarah Emmott’s personal experiences who says: “As a child, I was a coiled spring, bouncing off the walls but I was never diagnosed. My current doctor thinks I have ADHD, but adult diagnosis is complex.” Women and girls are more likely to go undiagnosed with ADHD as they cover up symptoms and ‘act normal’. Venturing into a world often unexplored onstage, Emmott shares her experiences of ADHD and adulthood with authenticity and candour, combining storytelling, comedy and movement and has won a raft of five-star reviews.

Declaration, Wednesday 28 June, Bishop Auckland Town Hall, 7.30pm, £10/£8; Thursday 29 June, Arts Centre Washington, 7.30pm, £8.50/£6. bishopaucklandtownhall.org.uk; artscentrewashington.co.uk