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frosties17.jpg T-shirts! They’re Gr-r-reat!

Hey! Summer is approaching and so now is the perfect time to update your t-shirt collection in anticipation of all those balmy days that lie tantalisingly just round the corner (that we’re definitely going to get this year).

When I want to advertise my love of solid graphic design AND teeth-rotting breakfast cereals, there aren’t too many t-shirts that do it for me more than this beauty from Uniqlo’s latest range. I must admit though, I graduated from Frosties to Bran Flakes a number of years back. It was a substitution I thought signaled my growing maturity (a bit like the time I switched from milk to dark chocolate digestives), and, yes, I also thought I was taking health concerns on board (before someone pointed out to me that Bran Flakes still have about as much sugar in them as your average multiplex pick ‘n’ mix). So I’m a bit of a fraud parading around in this Frosties t-shirt (or “Frosted Flakes” whatever the hell they are). I’m more concerned however about coming over as a hipster, what with hipsters’ enduring and deep love for ironic branding. That said, all my friends assure me that no one is ever going to mistake me for being hip in any way whatsoever. Sorted.

Seek: uniqlo.com