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Stage Editorial

rachfairburn.jpg Dead funny

Comedians Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard-McLean have a shared passion for serial killers. Gulp. They’re bringing their All Killa No Filla show to the Stand in May.

Who’s your favourite serial killer, then? I’ve got a penchant for John Christie but that’s purely down to the recent BBC drama starring Tim Roth in which he muttered “dear oh dear oh dear” - in the manner of Alan Bennett discovering some soggy bourbons in his biscuit barrel - while going about his dastardly crimes. Rachel Fairburn and Kiri-Pritchard-McLean, meanwhile, have a much deeper, but equally daft, interest in these murderous criminals as evinced by their popular podcast, each episode of which focuses on a particular nasty person. In turns quite horrific, and, due to their ability to find stuff to also make light of, queasily funny, these live versions of their show have sold out right across the UK, so get on board with them as they lead you by the hand down some very dark alleyways.

Rachel Fairburn & Kiri Pritchard-McLean: All Killa No Filla, Sunday 21 May, Stand, High Bridge, Newcastle, doors 4pm (show 4.30pm), £6/£7. thestand.co.uk