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Stage Editorial

gift17.jpg What the fish is going on here?

GIFT – the Gateshead International Festival of Theatre – is back in April and set to feature a whole variety of performances, workshops and discussions from some of the most exciting theatre makers from across the UK and Europe.

Some of the most exciting theatre makers from across the UK and Europe? Yep! We’re talking the likes of Sotterraneo, the multi-award winning collective from Florence who are bringing Overload (pictured) our way. This fast paced and explosive slice of physical theatre dissects the noisy interruptions that bombard our day-to-to lives in a thoroughly witty and breathless manner.

And it’s just one of the many exciting performances that make up this year’s festival that is taking place over three days at venues spread across Gateshead including BALTIC, St Mary’s Heritage Centre and The Central pub. Other highlights include the UK premiere of Possibilities that Disappear before a Landscape by El Conde de Torrefiel from Barcelona; Glasgow’s Julia Taudevin – one of the most exciting forces in Scottish theatre today – presenting her widely acclaimed guerrilla gig-theatre show Blow Off; and a team up with BE Festival (Birmingham) hosting the Best of BE Festival featuring three award-winning shows by artists from Switzerland, Italy and Germany.

Check the website below for the full, extensive, programme.

Gateshead International Festival of Theatre, Friday 28-Sunday 30 April. giftfestival.co.uk