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catorig.jpg This lot will crease you up

Is origami jewellery a whole new concept in jewellery? I rather think that it is you know…

I tried my hand at origami last year in order to impress my eight-year-old niece. The instructions I had were supposed to help me turn my five pieces of A4 into a “Majestic swan and four cygnets”. After much furious folding, ripping of paper and the kind of language that no adult should be subject to, never mind an eight-year-old, I ended up with something less “Majestic swan and four cygnets” and more “A gaggle of pterodactyls on a hen do”. No matter.

I still can appreciate the subtle art of the fold, even more so when it leads to exquisite lovelies like these necklaces that have been created by French designers Claire Naa and Arnaud Soulignac. Each piece is first made from paper before being handcrafted in silver, and their menagerie takes in everything from rabbits to crabs to elephants. And, hey, what do you know, they’ve even got a triceratops in their range. Wonder if they’ve got an opening for someone who’s a dab hand at creating pissed-up pterodactyls?

Origami Jewellery is around £120 and is available from jewelstreet.com