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Clubs Editorial

kutski17.jpg Raving not drowning

Is Kutski keeping the rave alive? In a word “YES!” and he’s all geared up to be the head honcho at the next Neon Nation event in Newcastle.

Is there anyone working harder today, day and night, to push hard dance and hardcore into new and interesting directions than Kutski? In a word “NO!” and he’s the main attraction at this Neon Nation event which is part of the Keeping The Rave Alive stable.

KTRA began as a modest, home studio podcast back in 2012 (remember 2012? Jessica Ennis! Obama! The UK was in Europe!) but has since literally exploded (note: not literally), to become the most popular weekly harder styles radio show in the world with over 100,000 regular listeners. And they’re really grabbing the bull by the bollocks for this night that will see the aforementioned Kutski taking punters to the outer-reaches of everything hard. It’s all taking place on Sunday 30 April which has the featherbed of a bank holiday Monday following it, so you can really let your hair down and go for it. Lovely.

Keeping The Rave Alive presents Neon Nation, Sunday 30 April, O2 Academy, 10.30am-3am, £20. skiddle.com