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Stage Editorial

rosiekay17.jpg What would Trump make of this?

Bouncing off notions of “fake media”, “alternative facts” and “fake news” Rosie Kay Dance Company’s adrenaline-charged new work MK ULTRA is inspired by pop-culture conspiracy theory and the Illuminati.

Did President Obama tap Donald Trump’s phones last year? No, he didn’t, but one tweet from Trump inferring that the law has been broken in such a manner is all it takes to send certain conspiracy theory websites into meltdown. And it’s into this febrile world of outlandish claims that MK ULTRA will be operating.

The piece concerns a shadowy elite cult called the Illuminati that control the world, brainwash child actors and singers, and controls mass opinion through puppet performers who brainwash us through their music videos and mass entertainment vehicles. It sounds exhilarating and my interest-o-meter has been further topped up by the involvement of film-maker Adam Curtis (responsible for some incredible documentaries for the BBC including last year’s Hypernormalisation) and fashion world wunderkind Gary Card.

Expect to enter a sensational audio-visual world, mixing a pop-style with breath-taking dance, in this exploration of what is real, what is a government cover-up and what is fantasy.

MK ULTRA, Friday 28 & Saturday 29 April, Dance City, Temple Street, Newcastle, 7.30pm Fri, 8pm Sat, £7.50-£12.50. dancecity.co.uk