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Music Editorial

harriendersby.jpg Local: Harri Endersby

She’s a singer! She’s a songwriter! She’s a musician! What else do you need to know about Harri Endersby? That’s she’s all kinds of amazing? You got it!

I usually listen to local stuff very early in the morning, when there’s no one else around to yell: “Jesus! Is that someone waterboarding a pterodactyl? Turn that tripe off!” I thoroughly enjoy listening to local stuff however, and recognise that there’s some super stuff out there. But I really know when I’m enjoying someone’s tunes when they make the jump from my morning playlist to my evening playlist. Case in point is Durham’s Harri Endersby who released her debut album Homes/Lives at the back end of February. She says that she’s influenced by the likes of

Ásgeir and Samaris and she certainly has that same sort of alt-folky feel, slightly otherworldly, with songs that feel buoyant, playing hide and seek up among the chimney pots. And she’s roped in a fab band to back her, giving her gorgeous melodies some body when need be; and on tracks such as Flesh & Bone she’s deployed some subtle bits and bobs of electronica to add extra hues to her music palette. Grab hold of her album and then let her be part of your morning/evening and everything in between routine.

Seek: facebook.com/harriendersbymusic