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Music Editorial

cobalt17.jpg Imagine being among this lot

These frothy looking types are having what appears to be enormous fun at Cobalt Studios in Ouseburn, a venue that has crept under the radar of many. If you’ve not previously had the pleasure then their Spring event is the perfect place to start.

If Collinwood Street in Newcastle is The Diamond Strip (and Shields Road is Sausage Roll Boulevard), then what is Ouseburn? Hipster Close? Beardy Crescent? Cool Kids Drive? Who knows? What is certain is that it houses some of the swingingest joints around including Cobalt Studios, an arty concern that is also home to all manner of other activities including live music, DJs, film nights, storytelling and other performance related stuff that have taken a series of lengthy strides away from the mainstream.

Pulled together by Kathryn Hodgkinson and Mark Collet, the diverse programming continues apace on Saturday 6 May with their Spring event that will feature performances from Holly Holden y Su Banda (a fabulous London three-piece who blend bitter-sweet pop tunes with Caribbean rhythms in a deliciously danceable fusion), Honeyfoot (evoking the afro-funk of Mulatu Atstake, the exuberant folk of Flook and the blues of Junior Wells) and DJ Bert Verso, as well as artists’ films and two or three more acts to be announced. Thrills will ensue.

Spring event, Saturday 6 May, Cobalt Studio, 10-16 Boyd Street, Ouseburn, Newcastle, 7.30pm, £12. Tickets from Ernest or via their facebook page: facebook.com/CobaltStudiosLtd