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Art Editorial

holybiscuit17.jpg What's happening here, then?

Squint a bit and you should be able to make out JFK’s fateful last car journey through Texas in 1963. The painting is by Dave Tweedy and is part of his fabulous new exhibition at The Holy Biscuit.

And Dave Tweedy is not just concerned with seismic 20th century events either, with a recent work, Great Again, referencing the rise of Donald Trump last year in an apocalyptic piece that also nods to circus, theatre and film, as well as the holocaust.

He employs a technique that successfully straddles expressionistic abstraction and figurative elements in a cut-and-paste style that calls to mind Eduardo Paolozzi’s pop-art collages - with all their myriad of references - but rendered in a fluid, painterly manner.

He creates a complete world in each work in which he also combines autobiographical elements that take in everything from current media images to 1960s cartoons.

Tweedy: “I examine controlling hierarchies and culture of elites, and use historical and contemporary iconic images which are well known within western culture. Images are often abstracted, with base source still evident. These visual clues invite the audience to join the significance and experience together in different ways.” Get yourself along and start experiencing.

Present : Past, New paintings by Dave Tweedy, 11 March-5 May (gallery shut 28 April), The Holy Biscuit, 1 Clarence Street, Shieldfield, Newcastle, open Tues-Fri 11am-4pm and Sat 1pm-4pm. Discussion evening 18 April 6-7.30pm. theholybiscuit.org