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Music Editorial

mirroredlips.jpg Get some lippy on!

This is Russian band Mirrored Lips who, if you’re looking for a pigeon hole to shove them, might just about be jammed into “Riot Grrrl”, but they’re a lot more interesting than that.

I’ve been giving Mirrored Lips’ MOM album a good spin lately (sadly not in its original C30 cassette format – limited to 30 copies worldwide) and I can report that it’s more arresting than Robocop. Featuring everything from pell-mell rock-outs to freeform shouting and tunes that have forcibly been beaten out of shape, they’re a band given over to zigging where others might zag. Noisy and as urgent as an itch that never seems to scratch, this stuff is post-punked up to the nines, but with a free-form jazz sensibility that owes something to the wilder, less beat driven, elements of krautrock, too. Their first tour of the UK sees them playing two dates in the north-east with support coming from local stalwarts Fret!, which should make for an exhilarating night out.

Mirrored Lips + Fret! + Lovely Wife + No Teeth, Monday 13 March, The Old Police House, Gateshead, 7pm, £6 door; Mirrored Lips + Fret! + TBC, Tuesday 14 March, Empty Shop HQ, Durham, 7pm, £5 door.