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Stage Editorial

susancalman17.jpg Susan’s the one on the left etc

One of the funniest stand-ups around today is Susan Calman (a lesbian, if you please) who won fistfuls of glittering reviews for her latest show, The Calman Before The Storm, in Edinburgh last year. She’s heading our way in early March.

Susan Calman is a Scot who isn’t into haggis, whisky or Irn-Bru; she’s a Glaswegian but not working class; she’s also a left-winger who doesn’t want the total collapse of capitalism – huh? Just what sort of person is she? A very, very funny one is the answer, with the kind of effortlessly likeable stage persona that always endears her to audiences.

The Calman Before The Storm sees her chatting about her height (she’s 4ft 10in, not the 4ft 11in she previously claimed to make her appear more glamorous – “taller than a borrower, but shorter than the average thirteen-year-old child”) as well as her dress sense, her sexuality, her love of swearing and just why she’d like to be Batman.

She always lights up the TV and radio shows she regularly appears on including QI, Have I Got News For You, The News Quiz, Listomania and Mock the Week, but it’s when she can spread herself over a joyously filled ninety-minutes that she really shines. Gay, straight or whatever, if you love laughing then you’ll love Susan Calman.

Susan Calman, Monday 6 March, Northern Stage, Newcastle, 7.30pm, £16.50. northernstage.co.uk