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Art Editorial

globepeep.jpg Peep show

Paola Ciarska’s miniature paintings focus on the minutiae of everyday life and appeal to the voyeur in us.

Surely one of the appeals of TV shows such as Big Brother and their ilk is that it gives us the chance to witness other people brushing their hair or making a cup of tea. We’re fascinated by how others live as they act as a reflective self-portrait. Their lives represent humankind; they are us.

Paolo Ciarska: “I wanted to create work that would be accessible to everyone, something that would allude towards a humorous commentary on the human condition. I wanted to create a self-portrait that would function as a mirror to whoever laid eyes on it.”

Her paintings – which include finely rendered backdrops that reference warm memories of wallpaper designs she remembered while growing up – lift the lid on her subjects and lets us see them going about their everyday lives in richly detailed environs which give further clues about their existence. And, tying in with her exhibition at the Globe, the gallery itself will be divided into a series of rooms – living room, bedroom and bathroom – that mimic the paintings. Fancy that! (Note: There is also an exhibition of Paola Ciarsk’s work at the Gallagher & Turner Gallery, 30 St. Mary’s Place, Newcastle from 10 February-15 March. gallagherandturner.co.uk)

Paola Ciarska, 10 February-March, Globe Gallery, 47 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle. globegallery.org