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Music Editorial

glennmaltman.jpg Local: Glenn Maltman

This is Glenn Maltman from Durham who makes, what is known in the biz, as instrumental music. Imagine!

Ping! An email arrives from Glenn Maltman asking: “Is instrumental off limits?” Well, if The Crack had of been a Dusseldorf based magazine operating in the 1970s, would we have knocked back a Kraftwerk review? Not on your nelly, and we’re not backing away from Glenn Maltman either. He started composing – his website tells me - around 10 years ago when he got fed up of playing covers in rather dodgy rock and funk bands up and down the country. “I also used to play in hotels on my own at the piano and started making up my own tunes. I thought I was on to a winner when guests would come up and ask me the name of the piece I’d just played. The looks on their faces when I told them I’d just made it up then and there was great.” The just-made-it-up-then-and-there aspect to Glenn’s work gives it something of a loose fluidity, with is a joy to behold. His single, Lads and Lasses, has a jazzy piano running hither and thither over some brushed cymbals lending the whole thing a cool urgency; while I, Am Not Mad! is a more strident affair and not afraid to get its groove on. And there’s a cinematic quality to his work that begs the question: why do you actually need words, when you can paint such vivid, and widescreen, pictures instead?

Seek: glennmaltman.co.uk