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wreck166.jpg None of that hygge bollocks here

We can categorically state that no “hygge” was used when north-east fashion house Wreckreation teamed up with Danish streetwear brand Boy On Fire for their latest range.

You couldn’t move for “hygge” in 2016. It’s a word Danes use for wellbeing or cosiness or other such nonsense, and it fuelled an avalanche of books (The Little Book of Hygge, How To Hygge, The Art of Hygge etc) and assorted newspaper articles. It’s also, apparently, a load of tripe; a British invention to file alongside our Indian curries which would leave chefs in India scratching their heads. One Danish export we can get behind however is fashion label Boy On Fire who have joined forces with Durham’s Wreckreation to produce a really natty new range. The collection consists predominantly of men’s oversized sporty streetwear, featuring a backdrop of grey and black which is flashlit with splashes of bright blue and orange. The visual direction was inspired by the colour of fire (it says here) that is reflected in the collection’s title of Ignition. Now Ignition may sound like the something the bozos on The Apprentice might pick for their team name, but that’s by the by when the clobber looks this good. And just to reiterate: no hygge was used at any stage of production.

Seek: wreckreation.co.uk