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Art Editorial

vanepink.jpg Vane is in the pink

And by “in the pink” I mean they’ve got three (THREE!) fascinating exhibitions beginning in January.

And those fascinating exhibitions in full? Try Sheyda Porter’s Idea Generating Machines (pictured) in which she celebrates the sculptural possibilities of discarded everyday objects as representations of the mundane world. Porter has an intimate, personal way of perceiving abandoned items, transforming them into aesthetic objects. The repeated gesture of applying paint rids these objects of their practical connotations, reducing them to their ‘thingness’ in order to redefine and reinterpret them. And completing this new year’s worth of new work will be Mark Joshua Epstein’s Just below the bang bang (in which the New York artist explores a sense of baroque through the lens of exuberant abstraction) and Mark Joshua Epstein and Stina Puotinen’s Hold Tight (the pair have created a space that references both the physical space of the waiting room and the corporeal sensation of waiting – just the job if you need a respite from recent world events…)

Idea Generating Machine + Just below the bang bang + Hold Tight, 13 January-25 February, Vane, First Floor, Commercial Union House, 39 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle, Wed-Sat, 12-5pm. vane.org.uk