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emergencdoorrelease.jpg Emergency Door Release

I fancy one of this bunch (maybe not the one you’d think) but that’s not the reason that I like ‘em. 

There’s something of an old school, hanging-around-the-chip-shop feel to Emergency Door Release; a clinging sense of the battered north meets the stoical north with added thrusting guitars and plenty of frustrated yearning. Their melodic indie/rocking calls to mind The Wedding Present (their feisty track ‘Tonight’ is practically a re-write of ‘Brassneck’) and lead singer James Rooney has something of David Gedge’s impassioned flat yelp swirling around his vocals which I find inordinately pleasing. The band are from Newcastle, only forming at the back end of 2011, but have been clocking up plenty of gigs and in October of last year they signed to Stockton’s BigMouth Records which led to punters being able to download their stuff from iTunes. They’re all set to tour the UK in March and will be headlining a homecoming gig at The Cluny on April 13 for a gig which we imagine will be heartily stamped with the word “Triumphant”. (Stop Press: Their new single ‘Chester Zoo’ will be released on April 13. Hey! Same day as their Newcastle gig.) 

Seek: emergencydoorrelease.com