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Music Editorial

ThisGroundMoves.jpg This Ground Moves

Cast your mind back through the mists to January 2013. Remember that? It was all slushy round these parts. It was also a time when we made This Ground Moves’ track ‘Shoulders Of Fortune’ our Single Of The Month, spouting that it was: “A juddering, wild-ride of a tune that has more than a hint of XTRMNTR-era Primal Scream about it”. And now they’re gearing up to unleash their new album which they’ve been putting together with world-renowned dance producers John Elliot and Andrew Archer (Trafik, Global Underground) on which they make like the silver surfer and head for the stars: think cloud-piercing choruses, fizzing synths and juggernaut basslines. Of course, it would all melt away to nothing if these boys couldn’t write a decent tune, but their melodic chops are well to the fore here for the kind of anthemic, full bodied release, which is all kinds of unstoppable. DP

Seek: thisgroundmoves.com