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wreckreation.jpg Shrinking wallflowers need not apply

Wreckreation is a fashion label in Durham who make the kind of clothes that look like the early onset of one of my migraines. Which I suppose is kind of the point.

Head honcho Sally Smallwood describes Wreckreation as: “A fashion label with in-house production, creating men’s and women’s sport luxe, with a focus on the individual rather than adhering to trend forecasts. The bright, optimistic and contrasting colours with bold graphics and linear shapes are inspired by high energy, loud music and fast cars.” (I assume that “sport luxe” in this instance means clothing for people whose only interest in sport extends to competitive back-combing.) This gear has an unashamedly brash, Power Rangers on holiday vibe, and the graphics looks like they’ve been swiped from the opening credits to a kids TV programme circa 1987, but if you’re looking for clobber that rocks the mutha out of the pop art aesthetic, then step right up.

Smallwood: “Limited qualities of each garment are made and there is also a bespoke collection. But what really makes it different to many other fashion houses, is that everything is designed and produced in-house at the Wreckreation studios in Greencroft.” She also tells us: “When someone enquires about a product, we send them a personalised ‘pack’ to show them the options (such as different colourways and fabrication from that season) and price range based on their requirements. So, most garments are ‘custom built’. It’s not all high-end though, we do offer jersey versions in a lower price range.”

If you’re a high energy, loud music and fast car kind of person, then do give them a whirl. Me? I’m off for a lie down in a darkened room.

Seek: wreckreation.co.uk