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Music Editorial

KredoLive.jpg Kredo

This bunch look the part, do they not? They sound it, too.

What’s the temperature like in the lovely Hoults Yard where this picture was taken? One of Kredo is in short sleeves and another has got his coat on. Crazy, but no matter. The band – a three-piece from Gateshead, if you please – describe themselves as “alternative” and I take it by this they mean alternative to bloody awful, because they’re bloody great. They’ve got a quiet intensity about them which can be heard on tracks such as recent single “Downfall” which has something of The xx’s about it, with added heart-in-the-mouth melody and gentle drum-rolls. Their debut single “Flashing Lights” also shows that they know how to deploy some carefully orchestrated strings to heighten all kinds of emotion, and their slightly off-kilter approach stops them slipping anywhere near Coldplay territory. Ones to watch? Ones to cherish. 

Seek: soundcloud.com/kredomusicuk