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tinav.jpg Tina V

Cut The Tent (PledgeMusic)

Tina V is the lead singer with British rockers This Wicked Tongue, but on Cut The Tent, her first solo album, she shows off her pop chops with a certain amount of dash. This comes across like a scuzzed up Gwen Stefani – no bad thing – with plenty of invention added to the mix making for a compelling listen. And her vocals, Lana Del Rey with more oomph, ably tackle every note from the sultry to the more expansive.

Released 21 July

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Comments (1)

Andy Maynard

22:07 on Jun 27, 2014

Great review. She has such an awesome voice. When she's rocking out though she's more like Cristina Scabbia. You really have to catch her band too.