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solidbond.jpg A Solid Bond In Your Heart

Paul Dixon, Wear World Of Mouth Books, £9.99

Author Paul Dixon was born in Washington, Tyne and Wear and now lives in County Durham where his second novel is set. It’s the early 1980s and young Dom Blackburn is all set to join the Navy. His dying grandfather, however, has previously given him some advice along the lines of “follow your dreams” and Dom’s dreams don’t run to the high seas (“I wouldn’t last a week, and what if there’s another war?”). Instead he chooses a career path that his shipyard-working father is never going to be happy about: a pop star. So, he does what any aspiring pop star of the time would do and that’s take himself off to the local shop to buy a copy of Sounds magazine and scan the advertisements in the window: Local band requires singer ASAP. Influences The Jam, Kinks, Small Faces. New Romantics need NOT apply. With that Dom’s off, and we’re with him all the way through rehearsals, gigs, rows with mates, rivalries with other local bands, and the malign influence of the odd local gangster. Good stuff and it rattles along with pace of an early Who single.